A decision to refuse a convenience store's alcohol licence has been branded "outrageous" by regular shoppers - who have set up a petition to get it reinstated. 

The Best One Express off-licence in Bridge Street, High Wycombe, had its bid for a new premises licence, which would allow the shop to sell alcohol between 9am and midnight every day, turned down by Buckinghamshire Council at the end of March. 

Thames Valley Police objected to the licence being given on grounds of the “prevention of crime and disorder” - and Buckinghamshire Council seemingly agreed, refusing their bid.

An appeal against the refusal was also turned down at Wycombe Magistrates' Court. 

Regulars at the Best One Express have been left upset at the "outrageous" decision not to allow the licence, setting up a petition to get it back. 

Fabian Wawrzyniak, who started the petition, wrote: "This has really impacted the owner that I have known for years since I was a kid and I can tell he’s been down and not the same since.

"Everyone that I know in the community that has been coming into his shop is devastated at this and are not happy, especially me since I have known the owner and people working there since I was young and it’s not nice seeing people you have make relationships with over the years look stressed and depressed.

"This is why I would like to make this petition in order to at least try to make a difference in getting the licence back, I have asked how long will it take for him to get his licence back every week, but he tells me he doesn’t know."

More than 70 people have also signed the petition since it was launched, withg one person saying the owner is a "good, hardworking chap" and another adding: "I support this store and the owner, it is a vital resource for the community." 

Buckinghamshire Council does not comment on live petitions, but did confirm that a decision was made by their licensing committee on March 31 to refuse permission. 

In a hearing before the decision was made, police claimed Harriram Raveendran, who submitted the application, may be using ‘deceit’ to “circumvent due process”, thereby allowing the previous licence holder, Mr Shanthakumar ‘some control over the business’, as it has been shown they know one another.

View the petition at: www.change.org/p/best-one-license