A woman in her nineties has been scammed into handing over £6,500 to a masked criminal at her front door.

Police have issued a warning to Bucks residents after three different people were targeted by the scammers who won the trust of the victims by pretending to be the police.

In one of the scams, a woman in her nineties was called by someone pretending to be a police officer who told her that the purchase of luxury Rolex watches had been credited to her account.

The scammer on the phone told the woman that someone called 'Lucy' with the same surname as the victim had attempted to make the purchase.

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Confusing the victim by talking about counterfeit money and a need for urgency, the woman was instructed to withdraw £6,500 in cash from different banks and to hand it over to a person wearing a mask who came to her door.

Another resident received a similar call from someone claiming that "Lucy" had used their card to buy £14,000-worth of Rolex Watches.

In this case, the victim collected £3,000, which was handed over to the scammer.

The victim was then instructed to visit a shop in London to purchase high-value Rolex watches which would then be collected later. However, the shop staff refused the purchase and called the police.

In the third scam attempt, similar methods were used but fortunately, no money was handed over.

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Thames Valley Alerts has issued a warning to residents to watch out for the scam.

Some of the similarities in each case were that the calls were received on a land line, the scammer claimed to be from a London police force, the scammed use the name "Lucy" along with the victim's surname, the cash was collected from the victim's homes and the victims were asked to purchased high-value Rolex watches.

If you think you are being targeted by a scammer, call the police on 101.