AN HMO is set to get bigger – but locals have asked for a cap on the number of people living there.

Bucks Council has permitted a ‘change of use’ application by Mr John Goss of Goss Properties Limited for 20 Downs Park in High Wycombe.

Plans detail the property’s conversion from a six-bed HMO (house in multiple occupation) to a seven-bed, by turning a first floor living room into a bedroom.

There will be parking for four vehicles off-road.

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“The purpose is to offer high quality, affordable shared accommodation to working professional people such as key workers, graduates, local workers and those on secondment with their employment,” a planning statement reads.

“The applicant is confident that the change of use will not have a negative impact on neighbourhood amenity. The house will not contain more residents than a large family. The Tenancy Agreement will also have stipulations in relation to respect for neighbours, with particular regard for parking and noise.”

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But Downley Parish Council (DPC) raised concerns about parking – and that there should be a limit on the number of occupants.

“Downley Parish Council is concerned that…there would be no restriction on the maximum number of residents that could occupy the property,” wrote DPC. “We feel that if this application is permitted with no restriction on the maximum number of residents, it could increase the number of vehicle parking spaces required.

“Although the property is within walking distance of shops and public transport, most professional people will work in the town, in the valley or commute out of the area and as such would need their own transport.

“The property is located on the top of a hill so the use of a pedal cycle for a professional person to get to work seems a bit unlikely.

“If this application is permitted, there needs to be a maximum number of residents allowed to occupy the property.”