An Amersham artist has created a special Jubilee art gift free for everyone to enjoy.  

Art should be part of everyone’s life, the professional artist Harsha Wadhwani-Basu believes.

To mark the Jubilee celebrations, she created a colouring page of the Queen in Mithila Art style – an Indian and Nepalese painting style practiced in the Mithila region.

Now she wants everyone to benefit and “get empowered” by taking a moment to stop and enjoy art.

She talked about how colouring isn’t only for children, but it can be a way to nourish the inner child.

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She said: “We think a colouring page might only be for kids or for ‘when we have time’ but think a bit deep and this simple artwork can be a connection tool while we spend time away from screens or being ‘productive’ and ‘useful’ to delve into our thoughts.

“The Platinum Jubilee colouring page is an excellent resource to educate children about the Queen using the ‘learning by default’ method.”

Children tend to learn better when they can have creative fun making something beautiful to be proud of and exhibit, she said.

Her colouring page could also be useful for schools, community groups, and for families as an activity while spending time with older generations.

“Each of my artwork has a piece of my heart as it has helped me meditate, re-charge and regain focus.

“I find creating these paintings and gazing at the gorgeous details of the complete work meditative and therapeutic.

For Ms Wadhwani-Basu, introducing learners of all ages to the traditional Indian Mithila art form is her way to invest in cultural capital – and to give back to the community.

She explained: “Mithila Art is vibrant and forgiving, and therefore ideal for self-expression and story-telling for all age groups and genders.”

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As well as being a professional artist, she is also a mother of a seven-year-old and a wife, and knows what juggling different roles and their demands feels like.

“Being really present for my family is what empowers me the most,” she said.

“I use my chaos-free time to paint. I really expanded as an artist after my daughter was born in 2014.

“Parenting being a rewarding but testing job, I desperately needed time to be with myself, hours which were special as I can focus on one thing at a time and drive a sense of satisfaction by creating something beautiful.

“My artwork has helped me stay sane and patient. I hope you will find my work stimulating as that is what my aim is – to empower and get empowered.”

To get your colouring page, email

Harsha Wadhwani-Basu will be colouring the Queen with Amersham children on June 11 from 10.15 until 12 at the Amersham Library, Chiltern Lifestyle Centre. More information and booking can be found here

The painting the Queen will be on display at the Beaconsfield Library on June 7.