A film archive in Aylesbury has released a restored coronation film from 1953 online ahead of the Jubilee.

It’s thought no one has viewed the footage since 15,000 000 people lined the streets of Aylesbury during one week of Queen Elizabeth's coronation celebrations in June 1953.

The old tin cans containing material shot by members of the now defunct Aylesbury Film and Cine Club were found in a villager’s home at Stewkley, and digitisation was overseen by the Stewkley Film Archive.

The silent 16mm film was shot in full colour, unusual at the time, and lasts for some 40 minutes.

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John Flewin, the Film Archive’s curator, said: “When you actually see a film of this age brought back to life in what is stunning quality it brings a tear to the eye.

“It’s not thought there was ever a soundtrack to the work, but the visual story is compelling.

“The contribution made by the [Aylesbury] Town Council in funding the digitisation of the material is a testament to how councillors value heritage assets, and this is certainly a valuable record of an important occasion, something that it may never be possible to repeat.”

The week of celebration saw an event entitled The Pageant of the Queens, processioing through the town with six marching bands from the RAF, the Army and Sea Cadets.

Commercial lorries, some bedecked with bunting, and others hosting tableaus of various Elizabethan themes, were joined by huntsmen on horseback with hounds, and costumed and uniformed participants.

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Bucks Herald estimated at the time the crowd was estimated between ten and fifteen thousand people. 

Other days saw dancing in the streets, a sports day in Alfred Rose Park that featured Olympic athletes, Old Tyme dancing in the Town Hall, a tea party for the elderly, the Mayor’s special Sunday church service, and events for the younger generation - children in 16th century costumes, a patriotic parkland parade and young talent in action at the microphone.

See the film and other footage here.