The charity shop staff in Chesham found the shop doorstep in ‘upsetting’ condition after bags were dumped during the weekend.

Denise Byrne, the manager of the Oxfam shop on The Broadway, came to open the shop to welcome customers on Monday (May 30).

However, her day was spent cleaning after a rogue donor had dumped dirty nappies, broken razors, empty fly sprays, clothes, pictures with nails sticking out and broken frames.

She said: “Its very upsetting and frustrating as most of the bags have to be thrown away as you don't know how long they've been there also there has been urine smells amongst some clothing.

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“Once someone had been sick on one of the bags.

“There is also the possibility of being hurt by sharp objects, also who knows what viruses are going around at present and it's a risk to touch these objects.”

They try to sort donations quickly, but if someone dumps 20 or more bags on the doorstep, the staff struggles to clear it and take donations, she said.

Gareth Williams, Cabinet Member for Climate Change & Environment, said: “Sadly, charity shops are often victims of unwanted ‘donations’ dumped outside when the shops are closed.

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 "This is fly-tipping. Our zero-tolerance policy applies – dumping items in this way can trigger £400 fixed penalty fines.

 "Please always visit the shop when it’s open and speak to staff about what can and cannot be donated.”