An Amersham farm attraction crowned its very own Jubilee star as they celebrated the reign of a very special little pig.

Since Scarlett is the oldest and wisest resident at Kew Little Pigs, staff treated her like a Queen to mark the Jubilee week.

The very regal sow was presented with her own crown, in recognition of her standing as the monarch of the farm park.

The 11-year-old Scarlett was born into the first litter ever bred at the farm. She is now a great-great grandmother, and when she was younger enjoyed life as a show pig, visiting TV sets, pet shows and was a mascot for greetins card brand MoonPig.

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Olivia Mikhail, founder of Kew Little Pigs, said: "Scarlett really is our Queen, and this Jubilee week we are not only tipping our hats to Her Majesty and her long reign, but Scarlett's reign here too at the farm.

"Scarlett is a very relaxed pig, who is now enjoying the quiet life, she has a real regal charm and we love her very much.

"Kew LIttle Pigs is very proud of Scarlett and all of her offspring, and indeed our Queen on her Platinum Jubilee."

Visitors to the farm attraction can visit Scarlett who lives in the park's pen six palace, as well as 25 adorable piglets who have recently been born, goats and newly arrived chicks.