A Chinese restaurant in Amersham transforms into vegan-takeaway only during two-day event.  

Ken’s Beijing Chinese restaurant on Station Road in Amersham announced its ‘Veganese - East meets plant’ limited time event.

During the special vegan-friendly takeaway menu on June 1 and 2, the family-run restaurant will be handling and serving plant-based products only.

Jonny Leung, whose parents have been running Ken’s Beijing since 1997, said: “Covid was a wakeup call for Ken’s Beijing. It highlighted how the 22-year-old business needed a change to adapt to the modern age of takeaway consumers.

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While Ken’s Beijing had to close permanently for sit-in customers in the wake of the pandemic, it reopened for pickups and deliveries.

The business needed to change to adapt to the modern age of takeaway consumers. 

“I founded Yumshi in January 2021, as a spin off business with a vision to change the perception of Chinese takeaway as most people see it.

Now the two-day test menu will determine whether the delicious plant-versions of the familiar Chinese classics could become a permanent staple on Ken’s Beijing menu.

Jonny said: “There are so many dishes I’d love to try and make using plant-based ingredients. The response from this two day limited time event will determine whether this is something we could do long term.

His favourites include the Sweet and Sour “Not” ChickenSatay “Not” Chicken Skewers and “Not” Pork Gyoza.

He said: “We’ve partnered up with Meatless Farm to provide the meat replacement products. They taste just like the real thing, if not better.

“My vegan and veggie friends got worried that I’ve fed them meat by mistake!”

Foodie vision for the future

As the co-founder of Yumshi, Jonny and his team have been busy creating a restaurant-quality premium Chinese ready meal to be delivered nation-wide from their base in Amersham.

Their goal is to change the way Chinese cuisine is perceived by platforming new dishes made solely of plant-based ingredients, with focus on sustainability, Jonny said.

“We believe that sustainability is essential, especially for start-up businesses as we can develop with this vision from the ground up.

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“Our mission is to introduce plant-based meals into people’s diets - one meal at a time - as every small contribution by a large number of people, will have a significant impact on the planet.

“However to most meat-eaters, a plant-based meal equals salad leaves on a plate. Our goal is to make plant-based meals delicious and exciting with familiar flavours – just like your Saturday night Chinese takeaway.”

Jonny, who is not vegan but eats non-meat meals one to two times per week, and the team wanted to start the Chinese takeaway revolution at home in Amersham and Ken’s Beijing at first since “delivering this message is much easier to do locally”.

The Veganese menu will be available from Ken's Beijing at 131 Station Road for collection or delivery within 5 miles between 5pm and 9pm on June 1-2, more information here.