An e-scooter driver seen "racing" and "weaving" through traffic has been arrested after police found they were carrying drugs.

Police on patrol in Aylesbury on Wednesday noticed the rider driving dangerously along Mandeville Road and decided to pull them over.

The rider was not wearing a helmet, the scooter was not roadworthy, not MOT'd, not taxed and not insured - and the officers discovered the rider had been banned from driving the day before.

Police found that the rider had illegal drugs on them and when they suspected the rider may be under the influence, they carried out a drug wipe, which they failed.

The rider was arrested by police and is due to appear in court too. The scooter was also seized by the officers, who said it will be crushed.

In a post on social media, TVP Roads Policing said: "The scooter was seized as it is not roadworthy, not registered, not MOT’d, not taxed and ultimately not insured. There is no legal protection if a collision occurs.

"Private e-scooters cost a lot of money, but they are a complete waste of it as you cannot ride them anywhere public.

"Some may question the proportionality of dealing with e-scooters, but this rider showed no regard for other road users and was highly likely to be involved in a collision that would have resulted in a serious injury. The intervention may have saved the rider’s life in the long run.

"We will continue to stop and educate those riding e-scooters when we have an opportunity, especially those causing a risk to themselves and others."