A stolen car has been returned to its owner after police noticed a suspicious vehicle with a fake licence plate in Stokenchurch.

Officers on patrol in the Wycombe and Stokenchurch area on June 1 noticed the red Ford parked in a side road.

Upon closer inspection, the officers discovered that the car had cloned plates.

After looking into the real identity of the car, police discovered it had been reported stolen from an innocent victim. Fortunately for them, they will soon be getting their car back.

The officers were aware that the stolen car had recently been used for criminal activity in the area, and forensic investigators have been analysing the vehicle.

In a post on social media, the officers revealed that they are optimistic that evidence found could lead to arrests.

TVP Rpads Policing said: "Upon finding the vehicle we have found out the true identity revealing that it was stolen from an innocent victim who will now get their car back.

"The vehicle has been involved in crime in the TVP area so it will be checked for forensics which will hopefully lead to arrests being made."