Beaconsfield and Marlow MP Joy Morrissey has pledged her support to the Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he faces more pressure to resign from the role.

Mr Johnson, who has been the country’s leader since July 2019, has faced scrutiny since the beginning of this calendar year following the Party Gate scandal, which confirmed that he and several associates met up during each of the three lockdowns between 2020 and 2021.

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This was during a period when residents in the United Kingdom were banned from socializing and visiting friends, loved ones, and family members due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

The Prime Minister has also been criticised for the way he has handled the Brexit negotiations, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the pandemic.

Calls for him to leave the post have been made by several members of parliament, however, Ms Morrissey, who became Beaconsfield and Marlow’s MP in December 2019, confirmed that she has confidence in the PM.

Later on this evening (Monday, June 6), conservative MPs will have to vote on whether they have confidence in the 57-year-old.

And if the votes go against Johnson, his tenure as the country’s will be numbered.

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Sharing her views on Twitter, Ms Morrissey said: “The PM has my full support.

"He has led this country through Covid, the vaccine rollout, and the war in Ukraine.

“Boris Johnson has got the big calls right and has led this country through one of the most challenging periods since WWII.

“Now is not the time for a leadership contest.

“The vote tonight is of no benefit to the Conservative Party or the British people. It is a self-indulgent distraction the only effect of which will be to embolden a pitiful opposition.”

The vote will take place between six and eight with the results being confirmed later on today.