A mountain of ‘weed growing equipment’ appears to have been dumped at a fly-tipping hotspot.

Iver local Nicky Barnes alerted the community to an enormous fly-tip on Bellswood Lane which she said, “smells of weed”.

Among the debris are long aluminium hoses, soil, dozens of bulging binbags, a fan, empty plastic containers, and large buckets.

Nicky said fly-tipping on Bellswood Lane is an “ongoing problem”.

She also joked the fly-tip had “all the kit you need”.

Bucks Free Press:

Alerting Iver locals online, Nicky wrote on June 1: “Dumped. And it smells of weed. All the kit you need, apparently.”

Adding: “It’s an ongoing problem down my lane, and the police contacted me yesterday (June 5) and a lot of the rubbish has been taken now, by the public I’m guessing.

“I emailed [the council] with photos and details.”

Bucks Free Press:

Cllr Gareth Williams, Cabinet Member for Climate Change and Environment said: “We are grateful to residents for reporting incidents of fly-tipping to us. Unfortunately over recent years we have experienced a growing number of dumps of waste from the illegal growing of cannabis like this in the county.

“Our enforcement teams regularly visit the worst affected areas for fly-tipping and carry out investigations to try and find evidence of the culprits but these criminals often take measures to avoid detection and as such, finding any significant evidence of origin can be difficult.

“We actively target known hotspots using various tactics to try and catch criminals in the act. We also work closely with Thames Valley Police and submit all evidence regarding the dumping of drug paraphernalia to them.

“Once investigations are carried out our waste collection teams will be notified to clear the site.”