The winner of our Perfect Pets award for 2022 has been confirmed.

The victorious critter in our mountain of nominations was Baxter the mix-breed pup, who currently lives in Downley.

Baxter posing for a picture

Baxter posing for a picture

The cute-looking dog is originally from Bosnia & Herzegovina and moved to England with his five puppy brothers and sisters and mother, where they were cared for by the animal charity, Pawt in a Stall.

Owner, Julia Rouse, who purchased the nine-month-old pup in February, also revealed to the Bucks Free Press that she will donate her winners to the charity.

She told the Free Press: “We’re delighted that Baxter has won.

“He is a lovely dog and most of his siblings have been adopted in this area.

Julia Rouse and her dog, Baxter

Julia Rouse and her dog, Baxter

“We’re very grateful for everyone who took the time out to vote for him.

“Thank you for taking the time to vote for him, as there were some lovely animals on the list.”

To see more of the charity’s work, visit

Baxter won with a total of 15 votes.

In second place was Teddy Pom Pom the dog with 13, whilst Sparkle the cat finished third with 11.