Guides, Rangers and Girlguiding volunteers from the Anglia region were selected to attend the Platinum Jubilee Pageant to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee on Sunday, 5 June in London.

The Platinum Jubilee Pageant told the story of The Queen’s 70-year reign and the UK’s transforming society.

The Pageant, which was aimed at celebrating not only The Queen’s service but also the population of the UK and the Commonwealth, is played out in four parts:

• For Queen and Country

• The Time of Our Lives

• Let’s Celebrate

• Happy and Glorious.

Karen Johnson, joint Buckinghamshire County Commissioner and Lisa Ford, County Growth, Retention and Marketing Coordinator said: “We both looked forward to coming together with fellow Girlguiding members to be a part of the upcoming Jubilee celebrations.

"The Queen has a long history with Girlguiding – as a Guide herself and as our Patron, making this historic celebration feel that extra bit special.”

Lisa and Karen Johnson

Lisa and Karen Johnson

Girlguiding also offered lots of ways for its 370,000 members to join in the fun and celebrate the special occasion, starting with specially created Jubilee activity toppers which girls could do in their unit meetings.

These included building an edible campfire for Rainbows, a crown challenge for Brownies, a Buckingham Palace obstacle course for Guides, and a one-match beacon challenge for Rangers.

In true Girlguiding style there were also three new commemorative Jubilee badges on offer, and on Thursday, June 2, members lit an impressive 70 community beacons across the UK and beyond to mark each year The Queen has been on the throne.

Girlguiding was one of several charities to take part in the event, with a total of 1,500 Platinum Jubilee Beacons lit across the UK and Commonwealth, with a Principal Beacon at Buckingham Palace.

The Buckinghamshire Girl Guiding County team also took part in this part of the Jubilee celebration by lighting their own, almost 40 foot at one point, campfire in the grounds of Ellesborough Guide Centre, whilst sharing a slice of the beautiful cake made by one of the county team Debbie Norie and toasting marshmallows on a rake to sandwich between two chocolate biscuits to make the famous guiding s’mores.

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