Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant’s weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, June 18:

Mistakes and muddles can be resolved. Those little problems you encounter early on, could turn out to be a blessing in disguise. So don't ever feel as if you're defeated before you start. Don't let others plant seeds of doubt in your mind and keep reminding yourself of the saying about one door opening as another closes. Before signing documents study the details of what's put in front of you. Ask questions if there is anything you don't fully understand.

Think twice before you speak to friends and partners alike. A situation or someone's actions could be misinterpreted. Be prepared to pause a little while to fully take in the circumstances around you. What appears to be an act of secrecy or disloyalty could be something very different. For this reason, don't jump to conclusions. You are being reminded of the value of practising relaxation techniques. It will be essential for you to remain unruffled when difficulties rear their heads.

The pace of life will be hectic and that's why you need to have firm goals in mind from the start. As busy as your days might seem, they will be less productive if you don't decide on exactly where you are going and what path to take to get there. Take this common-sense approach to your affairs and you will accomplish your aims more easily. Someone will introduce you to an unusual hobby. There could be romantic strings attached.

Your hopes to improve or enhance your work or family environment can be achieved with a little effort. Attempts to get on better with family, friends and workmates will be equally as successful. You are more able now to accept good natured teasing and to see other people's points of views more than you've been able to do so in the past. Cooperation and consideration are key. Make it your aim to push forward with your priorities for the months ahead.

You have more time for the relationships in your life that matter. People will feel you are being more sensitive and understanding. You haven't changed. What's changed is that you are planning your life so there is more balance between work and personal commitments. A relative may ask for your help in clearing out a garage or spare room. This could lead to a dazzling discovery so don't be too quick to make excuses to get out of the job.

The positive attitude you take towards your work and main aims will impress those in high places. On occasions when others seem to be getting nowhere, your instincts will guide you to finding all the right answers. Keep a team spirit going by phrasing your advice with care and consideration. The person on the receiving end needs to feel they have at least been partially responsible for coming up with solutions.

Share your thoughts with those you trust as this could make all the difference between success and failure of some of your plans. You may need a little extra patience with a housemate who seems to take forever to put their ideas into words. A friend who is involved with a number of animal charities may have been distant and moody of late. They might surprise everyone by a sudden change of mood.

There's a strong social feel to your days so there's unlikely to be a shortage of people to share your time with. Even so, try not to let a need for company distract you from important matters that need attention. You might get the feeling your own experiences could in some way be of help to a friend or neighbour. You aren't boring others by talking about your past. If someone looks interested in what you are saying, keep talking.

Your leadership qualities shine and you know how to get others moving. You can sometimes be impulsive but experience has taught you that occasionally it is wise not to rush in where Angels would fear to tread. It will be good planning and steady effort that takes you to your goals. Channel your energy in a specific direction. Keep calm and cool and be organised and you will soon have something to celebrate.

You sense a competitive energy in the air even when people are at their charming best. A group project will inspire your imagination. Someone will tell you that they aren't in it to win or gain anything but don't let this fool you. By the end of the week they will show themselves in their true colours. Be on your guard for not everyone will be open about their true motivations. Keep discussions going with housemates regarding domestic concerns.

Avoid sounding too strong about your own opinions if you are in a position to advise others in a financial or business matter. In decisions that may have an effect on your own or someone else's future security, be willing to listen as well as to talk. You should be looking at the situation not just through your own eyes but in a way that best serves other people's interests. Later on, jobs and pastimes that need a creative touch will go better if you work alone.

In any kind of partnership, whether business or personal, it's no good believing that other people know what you are thinking. A little straight talking will bring you closer together. State exactly what you want, expect or hope for without any fuss or drama. An important job assignment will be a success provided you have confidence in your abilities. Your judgement is good so don't let anyone try to mislead or deceive you.