PEACE campaigner Brian Haw is currently walking to High Wycombe along the London Road as part of his journey to Oxford.

The activist from Redditch, Worcestershire has camped in Parliament Square for the past six years in protest of the Iraq war.

He is marching to Oxford Union to debate the motion "This House Would Under no Circumstances Fight for Queen and Country".

Mr Haw said: "It's a bit of leg work and a bit of shoe leather - not the biggest contribution to the cause really.

"People are making fortunes out of this war and all of us are paying for it.

"How many more of our kids have to die?"

Mr Haw will be staying in High Wycombe tonight, before setting off tomorrow from the town centre on the next step of his journey.

The debate will take place on February 7. Mr Haw will be proposing the motion with George Galloway MP among others, and will be opposed by Colonel Bob Andrews and MP Nick Harvey.