A High Wycombe woman was tragically found dead in her home after a 25-year battle with alcoholism.

Lisa Newsome died aged 58 on September 13 last year after consuming a fatal amount of alcohol.

At an inquest held into Ms Newsome's death this afternoon (Tuesday), the court heard how Ms Newsome died "peaceful and painlessly." 

Beaconsfield Coroners Court heard how Ms Newsome was found dead in her home in Deacon Close. A post-mortem examination found that the cause of her death was alcohol toxicity.

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Ms Newsome, who was unmarried and had been a professional sound technician, had been struggling with a physical health condition in the time before her death and received regular visits from a carer.

When her carer arrived on September 13, they found her lying on the bed and showing no signs of life. After calling an ambulance, the carer attempted to revive her using CPR, but she was pronounced dead after the paramedics arrived.

Police also attended the scene but found no evidence of foul play, and Ms Newsome had not suffered any physical injuries before her death.

Reports provided by Ms Newsome's GP showed that she had struggled with alcohol addiction since 1996, as well as other mental health issues, but had never shown any intention of self-harm.

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After assessing the evidence, the senior coroner for Buckinghamshire, Crispin Butler, ruled that Ms Newsome's death was accidental and the result of alcohol and drug use.

He found that the medicinal drugs that she was taking for her health condition, combined with the extremely high levels of alcohol in her system, meant that when she passed out, she was not able to wake up again.

Mr Butler said: "The combination of these things would have led her to become unconscious and she just didn't recover.

"She would not have known and it would have been an entirely peaceful and painless death.

"It is accepted that she wouldn't have known what was going to happen to her, she just became unconscious and passed away."