Complaints about bin collections - or a lack of - across Bucks have continued this week after the council apologised for ongoing disruption. 

Last week, cabinet member for climate change and environment Cllr Gareth Williams said the council was sorry for recent missed bin collections, particularly in the south of the county - and blamed it on “intelligence” not being passed on from old crews to new after Veolia took up the contract a year and a half ago.

Cllr Williams said retirement homes, schools, and collections “behind homes” had been “particular” problem areas, and that people had become “irate” - adding that the service had been "unacceptable". 

While the council is aware of the problem, some complaints have still been pouring in to the Bucks Free Press and on social media. 

On Friday, a resident of Claremont Court in Victoria Street, High Wycombe, said their bins had become a "health hazard". 

They said: "These are the bins at Claremont Court flats on Victoria Street where management fees are paid and where the council insists it has collected the bins.

"Flies are invading the properties when the windows are open and there was already a vermin problem. No one is listening."

Steve Mayes, from Chalfont St Peter, also complained that most of the bins in Churchfield Road have not been emptied "since the beginning of April". 

He said: "There are often dirty nappies across the road where the foxes have been getting them and residents at the bottom of the road near the church hall and funeral parlour have seen rats. We have took recently to using a builders skip.

"I report the overflow of the bins frequently and a contractor (no doubt at great expense) attends within 48 hours and empties some, but we no longer get a service. 

"I’ve tried calling, but I’m 23rd in the queue at best, we all pay our council tax."

One resident complained on social media that they spent an hour on the phone to report missed collections but said it was "pointless", adding: "Six weeks on and still no collection." 

Emma Herrod wrote on Twitter: "I've reported mine twice. Still not collected in Burnham. The whole road was missed and it stinks out there."

Katrina Heath complained her bins had been sitting for three days in this heat uncollected, adding: "Every week we have had problems with our rubbish collection since you handed the contract back to a terrible (no doubt cheaper company.

"Rats abound. This is a public health nightmare." 

West Wycombe Parish Council also added that the whole of West Wycombe High Street and Church Lane had not had collections.

Another told the Bucks Free Press that schools in the Chalfont area, as well as flats and businesses, had not had rubbish collections in three weeks, saying: "The bins are piled high in playground and the stench is phenomenal.

"The reality is we have been forgotten and nobody cares about the health or welfare of our children with putrid 'bin juice' dripping across the playground."

Bucks Council said they are "taking every action to restore a good bin collection service, saying they were "sorry if you are currently affected". 

They urged anyone who has had a missed collection to report it online within 24 hours at