Celebrity Bucks resident Russell Grant's weekly Bucks Free Press horoscope from Saturday, June 25:

Any challenges that face you now are unlikely to be major ones. Some things will get blown up out of all proportion There's a tendency for a friend or colleague to exaggerate the seriousness of situations. If you remain relaxed and calm you will find solutions far more quickly than others. At times, thoughts will seem to come into your mind from out of nowhere. You might suddenly remember an incident from your past that will provide the answer to a domestic related worry.

You're so determined to do what you have to do that whether it is work or family related, you won't take kindly to anyone who tries to waste your precious time. It would be better all round to keep most of your plans to yourself. Once someone who likes to interfere gets to hear of them, they will insist on giving their unwanted advice. In business, an efficient approach should pay handsome dividends.

Discussions seem to go around in circles but don't let this annoy you. Even though you have been through similar conversations many times before, you might still be unaware of all the views of others. Someone has felt uncertain about expressing some of their opinions and when they finally reveal their thoughts this will change everything. Be on the lookout for new opportunities. Don't wait too long to step inside when new doors open up for you or they could close in your face.

What you are told or hear about a neighbour may have you doubting its accuracy. You can't help feeling someone is exaggerating the facts but before too long you could discover truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. Accept a party invitation and this will give your social life a boost. People you will soon be meeting could become close friends in the fullness of time. A housemate will try out a new recipe. Be polite when you give feedback.

Some uncertainty in a relationship makes it difficult for you to be honest with a partner. You need reassurance about their feelings before you give any of your own thoughts away. A heart-to-heart talk is what's needed to bring you closer together. A friend who is looking to move soon will ask you to accompany them in a property viewing. Be honest about what you think as they will value your opinion.

You've always liked to be organised and that's why you're finding the domestic scene a bit too muddled for comfort. It's hard to come to any kind of agreement with housemates when everyone seems to have different views, plans, feelings and ideas. Whatever it is you are working on and whichever goals you are working towards, curb your eagerness to see a job finished. For the time being, short cuts are not advised.

Change can cause uncertainty. You thought you were confident in recent decisions but now the time has come to put them into action, you aren't so certain. Whether you are starting on a new hobby, new job, new relationship or new lifestyle, doubts will vanish once you get into the swing of new routines. The end of the month will bring the start of an exciting chapter. Good news will give you a positive feeling.

Travel is a strong temptation. Even if you had no plans to take to the road, you might arrange a spontaneous trip or outing. It doesn't matter if you take off to unfamiliar places at a moment's notice, you should find the going particularly easy and by way of a bonus, most enjoyable. Not everything will turn out to be predictable and yet it is the spontaneity of it all that will bring the type of moments you will enjoy looking back on in time to come.

A friend or relative who has more money than sense will urge you to join them in plans that mean parting with your cash. Think again. A more cautious approach towards spending is strongly recommended. At work you can afford to be blunt if you feel you aren't being appropriately rewarded for your efforts or for your past hard work. Don't lose your temper. Just speak your mind in a quiet, firm and calm fashion.

You could strike lucky or it will feel that way when you find an item you have been looking for or when a mortgage is arranged to help you secure the home of your dreams. If a partner is involved be sure neither of you gloss over details to get what you want. Double check all that others are saying to you in case they are avoiding important issues. Instinct will tell you whether it will be worth your while agreeing to overtime or extra responsibilities. Just follow your nose and you can't go wrong.

Quiet happenings will bring a family secret into the open. Not everyone is going to be happy about this and you might find yourself at odds with an older relative. At the same time, such revelations will be good for you as they bring a personal goal within your reach. A close relationship could do with spicing up. Be imaginative and arrange something a little out of the ordinary to share with your special someone.

You aren't the only one who is feeling restless so don't keep yourself to yourself. Look around you and you're hardly likely to miss the fact that someone close is also in need of a change of scene. Group activities and friendships in general will help to make the end of June a happy time. Be sure to make the effort to meet up with people you like and feel comfortable with and any shyness you may be feeling will swiftly disappear if you do.