Drivers were caught speeding at up to 55mph on the 30mph London Road in High Wycombe over the weekend.

Police officers were conducting casualty reduction speed enforcement checks on the A40 on Sunday, measuring the speed of motorists and reporting those breaking the speed limit.

While they were carrying out the checks, one passing motorist shouted: "Come on, it's a Sunday" to the officers.

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During the checks, drivers were recorded speeding at 46mph, 49mph, 50mph and 55mph. The speed limit on London Road is 30mph.

In a post on social media, officers stated that those travelling at high speeds were reported to the court and will face "serious penalties".

TVP Roads Policing said: "You are very likely to cause serious or fatal injuries to a pedestrian or cyclist in a collision at those speeds.

"Remember to save time for your journey and slow down. It’s 30 for a reason.

"The two motorists at 50mph and 55mph were reported straight to court where they face serious penalties.

"We will be back."