The RSCPA has issued advice after a "distressed" sheep was spotted out of its enclosure in Marlow.

The sheep was seen roaming loose by a walker on Harleyford Lane near the River Thames.

Pictures show the sheep covered in remains from a bush whilst moving up and down the public right of way.

The advice issued states that if animals are found on a minor road then the police should be contacted.

An RSCPA spokesperson said: "We would advise if anyone has any concerns for the welfare of our animal then please visit our RSPCA website which can offer advice and guidance on what to do.


"Any healthy stray animals found on minor roads in England and Wales should be reported to the police so they can decide on the actions necessary to ensure the safety of road users and the animal - and concerned members of the public could also try to contact the local farmer to see if the sheep is their livestock."