Nearly £4,000 in fines and costs have been paid by drivers caught speeding on a "cash scam" road in Bucks.

A total of 10 drivers have been caught breaking the 30mph speed limit in Parkway, Marlow, so far this year, paying up £2,749 in fines and £1,202 in costs between them - a total outlay of £3,951.

The road, which links the A404 to the Globe Industrial estate, does not have any 30mph signs on it, and many drivers have been caught out when falsely assuming it has a higher speed limit.

So far this year motorists have been caught speeding at up to 63mph - more than double the limit.

In previous years, some people who have been caught out speeding have described the road as a "cash scam", feeling tricked by the absence of speed limit signs and the presence of motorway-style crash barriers on the sides of the road.

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However, many roads with a 30mph speed limit do not display a sign. Any street in the UK with street lights every 200 yards or less is classified as 30mph unless there are signs indicating otherwise.

Speeding drivers may also get caught out by the fact that there is no permanent speed camera on the road. Instead, police position a mobile speed camera on the road periodically - perhaps lulling drivers into a false sense of security.

Speeding fines ranged widely for drivers who broke the limit in Parkway, with the highest £660 and the lowest £66. Most drivers had to pay between £120 and £150 in costs.

Speeds varied too - while some went high over the speed limit at speeds of 63mph and 57mph, the majority were travelling at under 40mph when they were caught on camera.

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And it was not just locals who were busted - while some drivers hailed from Marlow and nearby Loudwater, others were from as far away as Weymouth and Essex.

Two of the 10 drivers were given a six-month driving ban, while one was disqualified for seven days.

The majority of other drivers were given points on their licences. Motorists who gather 12 or more points in a three-month period can face a long-term ban