KFC has revealed the deals that customers can redeem in the next month.

The fast-food chain has five new deals and you can grab them from now until Sunday, July 24.

Whether you plan to enjoy a KFC meal on your own or with a group of friends or family, there’s deals on items of different sizes, including the Six-Piece Family Feast, Twister Wrap of the Day and more.

KFC deals you can redeem this summer

Make Tuesday’s that bit better with Chicken Tuesdays. You can pick up ten mini-fillets of KFC Original Recipe chicken, only from KFC restaurants for £5.99.

Ideal for sharing, you can also get a Six-Piece Family Feast for £11.99 or treat yourself with the Mighty Bucket for One that’s available for £5.49. Both are available to redeem via the KFC app.

If you’d rather stay at home and get your food delivered to your door, you can still benefit from a summer deal.

Get 10 pieces of Chicken-on-the-Bone for £10 via all major delivery apps including Deliveroo, JustEat and Uber Eats.

On weekdays, you can opt for the Twister Wrap of the Day Deal, only in KFC restaurants.

It’s an Original recipe fillet with pickled slaw and buttermilk dressing and it’s available in different flavours for just £1.98 Monday to Friday.

If you fancy a wrap on non-promotional days, it will cost £3.99.

You can add a drink at Front Counter or the Drive-Thru for just 99p.

Here are the wraps on offer in the Twister Wrap of the Day deal:

  • Monday: Kentucky Mayo 
  • Tuesday: Spicy Supercharger Mayo (new)
  • Wednesday: Smokey BBQ 
  • Thursday: Sweet Chilli 
  • Friday: Kentucky Mayo 

Whether you decide to visit your local KFC restaurant or stay at home to enjoy the deals, they’re available until July 24.