The Grade I listed manor house, Bisham Abbey has announced it is now able to stage outdoor weddings.

The former home to King Henry VIII and Queen Elizabeth I will host its first outdoor wedding in July later this year.

Bisham Abbey is situated on the River Thames and dates back to the 13th century, with the manor house being built around 1260 AD. 

It’s been a popular wedding venue for many years, but up until now, couples could only use the Great Hall or Warwick Room to stage ceremonies. 

With a new outdoor licence recently granted, the spectacular grounds come into play for couples looking for a historic start to their married life. 

Melissa Grant, Bisham Abbey’s wedding and events coordinator, said: “We’re delighted that for the first time in Bisham Abbey’s long history, we’re now able to offer outdoor weddings. 

“The manor house is a majestic-looking building and our grounds team do an incredible job all year round to make sure the lawns, flowers and shrubs that surround it look immaculate. 

“We’re also very lucky to back onto the River Thames, which over the years has been used by guests to stage grand arrivals for their special day. 

“With the outdoor wedding option now available, we’ll be able to offer couples, with up to 120 guests, the river as a romantic backdrop to their ceremony. 

“I’m genuinely excited about the possibilities the granting of this licence opens up for us and the people choosing Bisham Abbey as their wedding venue.” 

James Ewart, Contract Manager for the facility said: “The manor house is a special place for any couple to begin their married life, but this added al fresco option really takes us to the next level as a wedding venue. 

“Throw in the fact that our talented catering team will work with you to develop a menu fit for a King and Queen, and you have a day you’ll definitely remember forever.” 

The manor house was built 12th century as a community house for two Knights Templar. 

When the Templars were suppressed in 1307, King Edward II took over the manorial rights, granting them to various relatives. 

In 1310 the building was used as a place of confinement for Queen Elizabeth of the Scots, wife of King Robert the Bruce, along with her stepdaughter Princess Marjorie and sister–in–law, Lady Christine of Carrick. 

In 1335 the manor was bought by William Montacute, 1st Earl of Salisbury and in 1337 he founded the previously named Bisham Priory.

Within the year of his death 1344, he was buried in the abbey.

Centuries later, Henry VIII granted the manor house to Anne of Cleves as part of their divorce settlement from him.

It was later bought by the Hoby family, who lived there until 1768, with Elizabeth I being a regular visitor during their time at the manor house

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