Thames Valley Police (TVP) has warned Buckinghamshire residents about the risk of summertime burglaries.

In an alert sent on behalf of neighbourhood watches in High Wycombe, Hazlemere and Marlow, the police have said "warmer weather in summer also poses risks" to burglaries.

The force said whilst warnings are regularly made in the winter months, burglaries "can easily happen" with it being "inviting to leave doors and windows open" in the summertime.

A TVP spokesperson said: "Whilst you may have received warnings about the risk of burglaries during the long hours of darkness in the winter, we must ask you to note that the warmer weather in summer also poses risks.

"With warmer weather, it is inviting to leave doors and windows open. 

"Perhaps you might then need to pop out briefly to a local shop leaving the doors and windows open on the basis that you will only be out for a few minutes.

"Most burglaries only take very few minutes and they can easily happen when you just pop out briefly. 

"So, do take care to close and lock all doors and windows in this situation. 

"Even a small fanlight window can be used as a point of entry by burglars."