Lazy drivers who have been blocking the pavements outside a Tesco Express store instead of using the shop's car park have been slammed by fed-up members of the public. 

Bad parking outside the Tesco Express in Hazlemere, which only opened last year, has become an "everyday occurence", one frustrated resident told the Bucks Free Press. 

In a photo they had taken at 7.30am on Saturday morning, three cars can be seen pulled up on the pavement out the front of the shop - even though there are double yellow lines there. 

The member of the public told the Bucks Free Press they had to step out of the way of an SUV as it mounted the pavement, crossing the double yellow lines. 

They said: "They didn’t even stop to let me and my dog pass, they felt they were entitled to drive on the pavement. At that time, approximately 7.30 Saturday morning, there were three cars mounted on the pavement all drivers going into Tesco.

"This is an everyday occurrence. When this Tesco was in the planning stages people said parking would be an issue and it is."

Residents did raise concerns when Tesco revealed it wanted to open a store in Amersham Road about parking. 

At the time, Mark Holmes objected to the plans, saying: "My concern is how the extra parking load will be managed and impact on pedestrians.

"At certain times of the day it can be challenging to walk past the pub next door - outside of Covid times the pavement is regularly blocked by parked vehicles viisting the pub.

"The Dominos pizza shop also contributes to an obstacle course of cars parking on the pavement.

"Pedestrians are often forced into the road to get past parked vehicles.

"Anyone with a push chair or visual impairment would no doubt find this even more challenging."

And Bonnie Martin wrote: "A Tesco next to a pub and where parking is already very difficult and dangerous, is not a good step forward for our community.

"I have no doubt in my mind that customers will either be pulling up at the front of the shop, pub or on the side of the road just to pop in."

When approached by the Bucks Free Press about the problems that have been raised, a spokesman said: “There is a customer car park to the rear of our Hazelmere Express store which is clearly signposted and we would encourage all visitors to use this and park responsibly.”