Dozens of angry music fans who tried to see Michael Buble perform live in Buckinghamshire but were affected by major traffic problems have spoken out to share their experiences - as organisers say the chaos "will not happen again". 

Senbla, who organised the Michael Buble show at Waddesdon Manor, said they will be writing directly to concert-goers who were left trapped in hours-long delays to and from the event on Saturday night. 

Some fans had travelled hundreds of miles to see the Canadian crooner perform an outdoor set at the picturesque estate - but many missed the show entirely because traffic management problems saw queues for miles on the A41

We asked those who went to the concert - or tried to - to share their experiences of the evening. 

Alex Whiteman said: "We were lucky as we went up the M40 and cut across country via Thame. There was about a 30 minute delay getting into the venue.

"Getting out was a shambles. They were letting traffic come into the venue to pick up people when thousands of people were trying to get out using a couple of small roads in the darkness."

Paul Marsh, from Milton Keynes, said he spent six hours in the car in total - with the concert a gift to his wife for their 25th wedding anniversary. 

Because of the delays, they managed to get in - just in time for Michael's last song. 

Mary Giles, who lives just 10 minutes from Waddesdon, said it took them three hours to get in and they too missed most of the show - as did Jackie Terebas.

Linda Biggerstaff said the concert was "brilliant", but added: "Very angry about traffic as I only had five miles to travel but took three hours."

Cathy Willock spent £400 on tickets, parking and a hotel for the night but only managed to get in for the last five minutes - and had to run up a massive hill to get there. 

She said it was "absolute chaos" and their evening was "ruined". 

Dawn Glynn said to make matters worse, the rain left them "soaked to the skin". She said: "Arrived with my friend at the staff entrance, told we would have to walk to the main entrance. It took us one hour and 30 minutes, no signs at all.

"Got to the event soaked to the skin, no organisation. Then found they were letting visitors in at the staff entrance which would have taken us 15 minutes. No apologies. Why did they make us walk all that way? 

"We stood there soaked to the skin and would have got to a better position near the stage as we were early. Getting out was worse. No organisation full stop - who was in charge? It was a catastrophic."

Judith Tranter said: "A complete lack of parking/traffic management. The few personnel wearing high viz jackets had no clue what was going on, felt for them as they were getting lots of verbal abuse.

"We missed the first part of the concert due to traffic congestion (more like a parking lot).

"I love Michael's presence and would see him again but not if Senbla had anything to do with organising it."

Sandy Smith said she left Bicester in Oxfordshire at 6.15pm and at 9.20pm they were still not parked, adding: "Gave up and went home. Gutted." 

Alice Drewett said their night was "completely ruined" and they spent nearly £200.

She said: "Having our first night out in over five years without the kids, arranged childcare, excited to see the show as a wedding anniversary present as we were sick last time we had tickets to see him (10 years ago) we end up in traffic to the main entrance, to be told that entrance is not being used, then finding ourselves back in traffic to a single track road queuing for a further hour (plus).

"Still hundreds if not thousands of cars behind us being allowed through to then find when eventually getting in the car park we paid for, no checks, no safety, no direction, just a muddy field.

"Having got out the car we were told the show was over! Apparently he started at 8.30pm if not before, even though at nearly 10pm they were still letting cars in the car park!

"Why not delay him coming on stage, or turn people back to at least avoid them wasting time queuing and polluting the environment with cars running."

John Skinner had travelled hundreds of miles to see the show, along with Michael Ball and Alfie Boe tonight (Monday), which is also being organised by Senbla at Waddesdon. 

He said: "Having travelled from the Isle of Man paying ferry costs, hotel, tickets and car parking this was absolutely shambolic. The traffic management plan such as it was clearly didn’t work, however, it would no doubt have been approved by the local authority and the police.

"Due to see Ball and Boe on Monday, dare we chance it? Not a good advert for this lovely part of the country."

Meanwhile, Carol Chamberlain and her party spent £1,000 on five golden circle tickets byt they arrived as the encore took place.