Dozens of people have raised fierce objections to plans submitted for the building of a film studio in Marlow.

The project would see the former landfill site alongside the A404 at Westhorpe junction in Little Marlow built upon.

Bucks Council has until October 11 to debate and decide on the planning application submitted by Dido Property Limited for the 167.8 thousand square metre production facility.

Many people living in the area have already objected, with many claiming it would destroy important wildlife, add to traffic problems in the area and overwhelm the sewage system on the doorstep of the River Thames.

One of them, Martin Watts, said: “I’m not against a film studio as I can appreciate the benefits to the country, but this is not the area to do it. 

“There are plenty of unused brownfield sites across Buckinghamshire that could be used. 

“Each and every day we walk to little Marlow and see birds, bats, deer, foxes and many other species all of which will be losing valuable greenbelt habitat with this proposal.”

Another, Kelvin Warne, said: “The A404 is a very busy road, which can come to a standstill at busy times. 

“There are traffic management conundrums that have been the subject of much work and yet to be resolved. 

“The A4155 is also busy and becoming increasingly more so over time; the proposed development would add significantly to the traffic problems here.”

And Iain Foster-Poole objected to the proposals, saying: “Currently, the local sewage network cannot cope, there are always issues of flooding and spillage of contaminated sewage, with the proposed development this will cause even more issues on a system that is already over stretched and running over its full capacity, this is likely to lead to increased discharge of sewage into the River Thames.”

Responding to the objections, a Marlow Film Studio spokesperson said: “New developments always generate much feedback as the consultation period takes place, but we have been overwhelmed by the support we have received from the local community through our listening sessions and via letters. 

“We look forward to our many supporters sharing their views, as Marlow Film Studios will bring more than 4,000 new jobs to the local area and will establish a new culture and skills academy to train the next generation of talent and generate increased prosperity for the local economy.”