Steve Baker has backed Attorney General Suella Braverman to take over as the Conservative Leader as he drops his Prime Minister bid.

He Ms Braverman’s record on Boris Johnson, saying he would not have expected her to resign from Government.

Asked why she had not spoken out sooner against the outgoing prime minister, Mr Baker, who is backing Ms Braverman for leader, pointed to “collective responsibility”.

He told BBC Breakfast: “Suella is Attorney General, has been in the Cabinet. You would expect a Cabinet minister to back the Prime Minister, it’s a decision that they have to take under collective responsibility, or resign.

“And I would not have expected her to resign over any of the issues that went on throughout this process, partly for the reasons she gave. And I think it’s important people understand that collective responsibility is part of what keeps our Government stable.

“And it’s particularly important from a law officer, that they’re not out there taking strident positions on policy, because they’re there to advise privately on the law, and that puts her in a particular position.

“So I’m completely satisfied that she’s behaved entirely properly and well throughout this whole process.”

Former minister Steve Baker, claimed Rishi Sunak is in an “unfortunate bind” as he has got to “double down” on his own economic policy to date.

The Wycombe MP told BBC Breakfast: “The problem that we’ve got with Rishi is that he’s in a bind that he’s got to double down on the policy that he has had.

“I believe that taxes in this country are too high at their current levels, so high that they’ll be doing more harm than good at these levels.

“Now, unfortunately, because Rishi’s record is of saying he wants low taxes, but then putting them up, he’s now got to double down on that record during this campaign. And that leaves him in a very unfortunate bind.”

Mr Baker said he had been “close” with Mr Sunak, and regretted he was not able to be “more optimistic and positive” about his economic record.