A drug addict who stole bottles of alcohol to fuel his habit has been sent to prison.

Andrew Todd, aged 39, was jailed for 11 weeks at Wycombe Magistrates' Court today (Monday) after he admitted to multiple offences.

The court heard from prosecutor Scott Forman that Todd had 35 previous convictions spanning 95 offences, many of which were theft-related.

Mr Forman told the court that Todd visited an Aylesbury Sainsbury's earlier this year on two occasions. Both times he loaded a basket with alcohol and attempted to leave without paying.

On the first attempt he got away without getting caught, but on his second try, he was grabbed by a security guard and later arrested by police.

The alcohol in the second theft was valued at £91. The total value of the first theft is not known.

In mitigation, Todd's solicitor Mr Ahmed told the court that his client was a drug addict who stole the items to fund his addiction.

Mr Ahmed said: "For the last 20 years he's been a drug user, he depends upon drugs, they were effectively to be sold to fund his drug habit."

During proceedings, the court heard how Todd, who is of no fixed address, had struggled to rehabilitate himself in the past and failed to engage with recovery and probation services.

He was due to be sentenced in May, and then in June, but failed to attend court on both occasions. The hearing could only go ahead following his arrest earlier this month.

The offender pleaded guilty to two counts of theft and two counts of failing to surrender to custody.

Sentencing him to 11 weeks in prison, District Judge Arvind Sharma said: "I don't have any choice other than to give you a custodial sentence.

"The court has tried to help you, to put you in a position where you can try and do something about it.

"You are in the throes of a drug habit, you are clearly trying to give it up but you keep getting yourself into trouble.

"The best thing to do is put you into custody, hopefully keep you away from drugs and maybe when you are released you will engage with the provided services."