Ugly green Openreach cabinets in Amersham that were covered in graffiti tags have been given a stunning makeover. 

A number of the green cabinets in the town have been daubed in spraypaint graffiti, including two at the junction of Station Road and London Road. 

So Amersham Town Council has embarked on a project as of last week to make them look less of an eyesore, with permission from Openreach. 

With the help of artist and Amersham in Bloom member Michelle Gorman, the hideous graffiti tags have been replaced with beautiful environmentally-themed displays. 

Bucks Free Press:

The one at the Station Road junction has been turned into a display of butterflies and wildflowers, while another box, on Highland Road, now shows a beautiful bee on a blue flower. 

The incredible designs have been widely praised by locals who said they hope to see the idea catch on in other areas.