A daughter has graduated from the same university as her mother - 40 years later.

Claire Cooper, 61, studied at the University of Exeter in the 1980s - and daughter Natasha ,21, has now followed in her footsteps.

The pair, from Amersham, managed to share many similar experiences during their times in Exeter.

They lived in the same student accommodation and graduated in the same building.

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Ms Cooper said: "Of course I graduated never thinking one of my children would follow in my footsteps.

''But it's been lovely that Natasha and I both had such good experiences at the same university.''

Ms Cooper, a history graduate, finished her studies in 1982 and was a student through the Falklands War and anti-apartheid protests.

She said: "We lived on campus for the whole three years, so my experience at Exeter was different.

"I'll always remember being dropped at Paddington Station by my parents to board a special train for Exeter students, and then my luggage following me - we didn't bring as much then.''

During Claire's time at university, Exeter students shared bathrooms, ate together, attended formal dinners and battled over the use of limited landline telephones.

University life for her daughter Natasha, an English graduate, looked very different, as she had the luxury of en-suite bathrooms and cooked most of her own meals.

Natasha, who is going on to train as a secondary English teacher, said: "Of course my studies were disrupted by the pandemic, but we've been able to have a fairly normal last year so it feels as if we've finished on a high."