The UK is experiencing an extreme heatwave at the moment, with temperatures expected to potentially rise to record highs on Monday and Tuesday.

During extreme heat like this - possibly as high as 40 degrees celsius - it can be hard to go about your everyday life as you look to find any way to stay cool.

One of the places that it is hardest to keep cool is inside our cars. In extreme temperatures, it can be uncomfortable or even dangerous when our cars get too hot - especially for pets and young children.

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Fortunately, the Thames Valley Road Policing Unit and the AA has issued some advice on how to keep cool behind the wheel - especially if you don't have air conditioning.

Thames Valley Police's top tips are:

  • Take plenty of water in your vehicle
  • Check your vehicle is running properly before setting off to avoid breaking down in the heat

The AA has also provided a number of helpful tips:

  • Wear thin, light-coloured clothing that you can layer and move around in easily
  • Don't let passengers carry bags or electronic devices on their laps as they store heat - try putting them in the boot while you travel
  • Try wearing shoes with thin, flexible soles. Driving barefoot is legal too - but not recommended.
  • Give every passenger a frozen bottle of water for the journey
  • Try putting clod, wet cloth over the air vents to simulate air conditioning 
  • Stash some paper fans in the glove box for hot days
  • Try driving after washing your hair - the air rushing over wet hair will cool you down

Remember, the Met Office advises not to travel unless you really need to during extreme heat, so the best way to stay cool in a heatwave is to stay out of the car and somewhere shaded.