Extinction Rebellion members with white face paint and signs around their necks held a silent protest against plans for a huge new movie studio in Marlow - because there is "no need for films on a dead planet". 

Hundreds of residents as well as organisations like Natural England, have objected to plans by Dido Property Ltd to build a film studio complex on protected green belt land. 

And Extinction Rebellion "penitents", who are against the land being developed, took part in a silent protest on Sunday (July 17) to make their feelings clear. 

Bucks Free Press: The studio plansThe studio plans

They said the area has been described as scrubland but is regularly used and much-loved by locals. 

They said: "The destruction of nature when we are in a climate emergency with rising temperatures, increased risk of flooding and loss of biodiversity cannot be approved. 

"The land that the developers describe as scrubland is covered in wild flowers and is teeming with wildlife - bees, butterflies, ladybirds, birds, deer and bats. 

Bucks Free Press: The protestersThe protesters

"The lakes, used by locals for years for fishing are full of beautiful waterlilies, ducks, swans, insects and birds.

"We met walkers, cyclists, joggers and residents none of whom were in support of the proposal which has no regard for the locals who live there and the impact the arrival of huge warehouses surrounding their homes will have.

"Please come down and see the land and how beautiful it is for yourselves.

Bucks Free Press: The studio plansThe studio plans

"We need to act now to avert a catastrophe. Destruction of green belt and increasing pollution is therefore destroying our children's futures and all the species we share this beautiful planet with. 

"No need for films on a dead planet."

Many people living in the area have already objected to the film studio plans, with many claiming it would destroy important wildlife, add to traffic problems in the area and overwhelm the sewage system on the doorstep of the River Thames.

Bucks Free Press:

The developers say the plans for the film and television studio will include sound stages, workshops, offices, a studio hub, a recreational and educational building, outdoor space and other infrastructure. 

They claim it would support Buckinghamshire's "continued recognition as a global epicentre for film and television production" and will become an "exemplar for film studuio development in the future". 

A spokesman said: “After a year of open and positive public consultation, Marlow Film Studios has seen strong support for its proposal to build a state-of-the-art film studio on the former landfill site adjacent to the A404 at Westhorpe Junction. 

"More than a quarter of the land will be held for wildlife incorporating existing habitats, more water retaining ponds and the current fishing lakes.

"Recreational uses including new and uprated footpaths and cycle routes are planned.

"With 80 per cent of trees retained and over 300 new trees being planted together with green roofs, a 31 per cent ‘canopy cover’ will be achieved, which is essential for biodiversity.

"The habitats will be protected by a 30-year covenant, and additional local habitats will be boosted. 

"In addition, the proposals will create more than 4,000 jobs in the local economy, a Culture and Skills Academy to train the next generation, and increased bus services connecting Marlow and Little Marlow to High Wycombe and the Maidenhead Crossrail.”

Comments need to be submitted by July 23 - use planning reference 22/06443/FULEA at the Buckinghamshire Council planning portal to have your say.