The Chilterns LGBTQ+ group will host their first ever picnic in a Chesham park on Saturday.

The trailblazing group in the area, currently in its early days, is holding the summer family picnic for LGBT+ families, allies and anyone else at Lowndes Park on July 23 from 1pm.

Picnic goers should bring food, blankets and games to the free social gathering.

Dais Puddephatt, Chilterns LGBTQ+ spokesperson, said: “The reason events like these are so important is because LGBTQ+ families and under represented in our media, schools and our government.

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“Having events like these gives LGBTQ+ families who may feel isolated the chance to see that they are not alone in our community. Also as this is a family friendly event, younger members of the LGBTQ+ community can come with their family and friends.

Recently, the group held its first Pride flag meet-up event in Chesham – bringing together residents to celebrate 50 years of Pride.