Another driver has been caught speeding on a complained-about Marlow road.

Parkway, which runs through the Globe Business Park and is well-used by workers heading to and from the A404 and beyond, has previously been dubbed a “cash scam” by a frustrated driver who was slapped with a speeding fine.

The road has a 30mph limit, but some unsuspecting drivers have been caught out thinking it is a national speed limit road.

A string of drivers have been fined for speeding – with another case heard at Oxford Magistrates’ Court this month.

David Newberry, 63, of Temple Mill Island in Marlow, was caught going 52mph in a 30 zone on Parkway on February 5 this year.

He is the latest in a long line of drivers to be caught out on the busy industrial estate road.

According to checks on the licence plate provided in court documents, Mr Newberry was driving a white Porsche Boxster at the time of the speeding offence.

In a court hearing at Oxford on July 12, Mr Newberry was fined £300, ordered to pay costs to fund victim services of £34 and other costs of £90 – making a total to pay of £424.

He also six points added to his driving record.

It was revealed by the Marlow Free Press last month that nearly £4,000 in fines and costs have been paid by drivers caught speeding on Parkway.

There are no permanent speed cameras on the road, but there is often a police speed van parked up there to catch drivers going too fast.

As of June 22, a total of 10 drivers were caught breaking the 30mph speed limit in Parkway so far this year, paying up £2,749 in fines and £1,202 in costs between them - a total outlay of £3,951.

The road does not have any 30mph speed signs on it, so many drivers have falsely assumed it is a national speed limit road.

In previous years, some people who have been caught out speeding have described the road as a “cash scam”, feeling tricked by the absence of speed limit signs and the presence of motorway-style crash barriers on the sides of the road.

Back in 2020, Mr Vince O’Hanlon, who runs three businesses, was banned from driving for 28 days and had to pay a fine of around £800, after he believed that the road was a 60mph road.

He said at the time: “I don’t drive like a nutter – I was just doing the speed limit that I thought it was on the road.

“I thought it was a 60mph speed limit as it does look like a 60 to me.

“There is a motorway barrier on the right-hand side, and if you’re going through a 30mph road, you would know it.

“The thing is, I think this is a cash scam because that speed van has been there for years and I drove past it thinking I am not speeding and I saw it.

“How much does it pay to paint ‘30’ on the road?”