A village party made a more eco-friendly comeback after the pandemic forced it on a two-year break.  

The Chesham Bois long awaited village fete welcomed everyone for music, entertainment, food and drink stalls, and arts and crafts in June.

This year the Parish Council partnered with Sustainable Amersham’s plastic free team to make the fete more eco-friendly.  

Shu-Fen Coker, a volunteer organisers with Sustainable Amersham, said: “There were a lot of preparations involved to make sure that minimum or zero waste was produced at the end of the event.

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"Many recycle bins were set up and the public educational cards were printed.

Bucks Free Press: Sustainable Amersham environmental information point at the fete (Image: Shu-Fen Coker)Sustainable Amersham environmental information point at the fete (Image: Shu-Fen Coker)

“We are proud that we did it. It is also such a satisfying feeling that we did it and we know it is achievable. We will go a step further to do more re-use (cups, plates) than just recycle next year.

“Sustainable Amersham engages the public and promotes sustainability, which is urgently needed in our current climate urgency.”

The volunteer group encourages people to 'act today to protect tomorrow', and their local project target the devastating impacts of climate change, pollution and loss of biodiversity.

Recently the group held a seminar on solar panels, and their upcoming talk in October is all about heat pumps. 

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