“Out of the blue” plans to build a three-bed house on a green space in a residential Marlow road have been branded “crazy” by upset neighbours.

Red Kite Community Housing have put forward plans to replace a patch of green space next to houses in Gunthorpe Road with a detached three-bed home, but neighbours are rallying against it.

According to the plans, the two-storey home will have three bedrooms and a bathroom upstairs and a dining and kitchen area, a living room and a toilet downstairs, as well as a front and back garden and two parking spaces.

A footpath that runs through the green space will have to be diverted to make way for the house if the plans go ahead – but residents living next door and nearby say they are “appalled” at the idea of building a home here.

Bucks Free Press:

Andy Carr, who lives directly next to the site with his family, said the effect on his home will be “massive”, and he complained that they only found out about the plans for a new house via the Gunthorpe Road Estate Residents Group on Facebook.

Since then, he has taken it upon himself to let neighbours know by going door-to-door.

He said the new house will block light into his side window upstairs, leaving it “pitch black” during the day.

He added: “I bought the property as an end of terrace.  This new build with change that and will devalue my property in the process through no fault of my own. I’m sure Red Kite won’t care about that fact but obviously as the only earner in a house of six people, I very much do.

Bucks Free Press:

“During the potential building process itself, daily life will be horrendous for us. All that work, noise, disruption, chaos, vans and building equipment everywhere. The work force itself too. 

“There’s only one way in and out of the estate. If there’s any hold ups blocking the road you’re stuck.  Whether it’s getting to work, school drop offs…etc. It’ll be impossible. 

“My oldest son who has various sensory issues will be an absolute mess with all that madness happening feet from his bedroom wall. Not for days or weeks but months.”

He has also raised fears about safety at the junction near Shelley Road, which he says has already suffered with crashes and near-misses over the years, as well as the impact another house would have on the estate’s already-struggling water system.

He added: “The green area in question is always in use. Especially by families. My four children use it all the time with their friends like many of the other Gunthorpe Road Estate children. 

“It’s one of the safer areas for the kids as it’s set back from the road. Either playing football, water fights, riding their bikes or playing rounders...etc.

Bucks Free Press:

“They used to love the big rope swing too before Red Kite sadly removed it during their failed attempt to remove the trees.

“It’s one of the main dog walking areas on the estate. There’s plenty of wildlife in that area too.”

Other neighbours have also objected to the plans online. Lee Bamber wrote: “I urge you to visit the site at different times during the day and you will see for yourself that this is a crazy idea.

“There are already cars nose to nose, parking on the grass verges, parking on the pavements. This house and its location will dramatically increase this problem and will reduce visibility on an already congested corner.”

Elizabeth McFetridge added: “This site would destroy protected trees and green space which is greatly needed on the estate.

“It would be an added issue on the road access which is already difficult due to the parked cars that line Gunthorpe Road.

“There are major drainage issues due to the systems not being adequate for the number of people and sewage on the estate already. Another home will just add to this issue.”

Bucks Free Press:

Red Kite says the “high quality design” of their planned new home will “improve the local aesthetic” and will “add value to the site and local area”, while the remaining open space on the site will keep pedestrian access.

They added that a proposed on-site drainage system will be maintained by Red Kite for the lifetime of the development.

Julie Gamble-Kempe, Head of Communications and Brand at Red Kite Community Housing, said: “We have worked closely with our architect to come up with a sympathetic plan for this site, including retaining the trees.

“The usually planning process is for the council to inform residents whom they feel will be impacted by an application.

“Bringing new quality, affordable rented homes to Marlow as well as to the wider district is really important to Red Kite.

"We want to help local people have housing choice in a very expensive housing area, so we eagerly await the council's decision."

You can view the full plans online using the reference 22/06655/FUL at the Buckinghamshire Council planning portal.