A Bucks park playground became the repeated target of vandals after criminal damage was inflicted on a tree. 

Visitors to Princes Risborough's Earl Mitchell Playing Ground were greeted by an unnatural sight surrounding an apple tree on July 22.

On closer inspection, the white material was found to be rock salt, which was laid neatly all around the base of the tree.

Princes Risborough Town Council posted about the incident on Twitter, saying: “Sadly, this has been a repeated offense.

“A mixture of salt and grit, rock salt can be harmful to plants, trees, wildlife, and pets such as cats and dogs.

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“Ingestion can result in a high blood sodium concentration causing thirst, vomiting and lethargy, and in severe cases risk of convulsions and kidney damage.”

Bucks Free Press: The apple tree (Image: Princes Risborough Town Council)The apple tree (Image: Princes Risborough Town Council)

Thames Valley Police confirmed it had received a report of an incident of criminal damage at the Earl Mitchell Playing Ground on July 23.

The force said: “It was reported that salt was laid at the base of an apple tree.

“Anyone with any information or who witnessed this incident is asked to call Thames Valley Police on 101 or make a report online, quoting incident reference 1181 of 23 July.

“The investigation has been filed pending further information coming to light.”

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