Police have issued warning after drivers were caught filming the scene of a crash and ignoring closure signs on the M25 in Buckinghamshire.

Emergency services attended the crash at junction 16 this morning (August 1) which involved two cars, with police issuing warnings about paying attention to the red 'X' signs and the risks of using phones whilst driving.

While the ambulance service and fire brigade dealt with a casualty, officers handed out 15 Notices of intended prosecution which have been sent out to drivers spotted using their phones to film the collision.

Also, four people were reported for driving without due care and attention by ignoring the red X signs.

Thames Valley Police's roads policing unit said: "Officers were on scene this morning at Junction 16 on the M25 this morning following a two car collision.

"On our way to the crash, we saw the advanced X signals above the lanes on the gantries to notify road users to prepare to move over to allow emergency services and Highways Officers to work safely."

The post continued: "Please follow this link to familiarise yourself with the red X signals.

"Remember, they are there for your safety and it is illegal to ignore them," said police.

"Keep yourselves safe out on the roads, watch your speeds and keep a safe distance between you and the car in front.

"Using your phone whilst driving is one of the Fatal 4 reasons why people are killed or seriously injured on our roads."