Multi-million pound plans to build a new relief road that will support the building of thousands of homes have been put forward – but residents have already raised concerns.

The Princes Risborough Southern Road Link (PRSRL) is the first of three phases of the Princes Risborough relief road, which is set to be built between Picts Lane and Summerleys Road to support the development of thousands of new homes in the town.

The new section of road will be a 750-metre, two-lane, single carriageway link. At the northern end, a new railway underpass is being proposed on Summerleys Road, which the council says will improve the current one-way traffic flow under the existing bridge.

At the southern end of Summerleys Road, there will be a new signalised junction with Station Approach, Summerleys Road and Station Road, with a new link connecting to Picts Lane.

There will have to be some demolition of buildings within the former Sumitomo Electric Hardmetal site, off Summerleys Road, as well as a new section of highway through the former Whiteleaf Furniture site and the W.E. Black development site.

As well as the new section of road, the council argues their plans will also make improvements along Summerleys Road, pedestrian crossings and a shared pavement and cycle lane, and improve connectivity to the railway station.

The PRSRL is the first link towards building a road that will eventually bypass the busy A4010 completely to ease congestion and support the building of more than 2,000 homes as part of the Princes Risborough expansion.

Bucks Free Press: Princes Risborough Southern Road Links (PRSRL).

The proposed road takes is set to be built on a site of around four hectares of land, with the southern part of the road starting near the junction of Goodearl Place and Picts Lane.

The road will be routed under the Risborough to Aylesbury railway line to the north of Firs Court.

Some residents are not happy with the plans and have submitted objections.

Alan Cooper, from Aylesbury, said there is “insufficient grounds” for the new link road. He wrote: “The money could be better used elsewhere, (or even saved, as the taxpayer is under severe pressure in these times) especially as there would be some significant detriment if this proposal goes ahead.

“Another objector has pointed out that this would not provide much of a relief road at all as it would just speed traffic on to the real bottle-necks a little quicker, and there is no point in that.

“We need to be wise about spending and reduce the amount of tarmac and concrete we lay, as it adds to climate change, carbon footprint and problems with control of water.

“There would be an impact on the gas services, etc. Added all up it just doesn't seem worth the cost in this particular case.”

Jack Spence, from High Wycombe, wrote: “The junction at Summerleys Road and the shared vehicle/pedestrian/cycle 'access road' which is proposed to run the course of the existing road alignment makes little logical sense and is likely to be incredibly dangerous in practice.”

Anthony Ward, who lives on Picts Lane, said he was concerned about the lack of traffic calming measures in the plans.

He wrote: “Currently, traffic consistently breaks the speed limit when driving, either direction, from Picts Lane to Shootacre Lane. The new road will encourage motorists to speed even more, particularly from (and to) the signalised junction at Station Road.

“The planned roundabout, as part of Culverton Link Road, may help to slow traffic but this will not be built for some considerable years hence.

“In the meantime traffic calming measures must be introduced. Speed bumps would, in my opinion, be the best solution and would need to be placed, in the right calculated position.

“This proposal will build a tempting race track for motorists.”

If the link road is given planning permission, construction is set to start on site from autumn 2023, with a completion date of late 2025.

Council leader Martin Tett said: “The project is the first phase of the Princes Risborough relief road. It is a key piece of infrastructure which will support the delivery of new homes to the north-west of the town.

“Following a successful bid by Buckinghamshire Council, the first phase of the new relief road is being supported by £12 million from Homes England.

““Please have your say on the project proposals by going to our planning portal.”

The application will go before the council’s Strategic Sites Planning Committee to be determined.

You can have your say using the planning reference 22/06910/R9FULE.