The young fans of George Ezra at a Bucks nursery have appealed to the singer to come to their music festival.

The youngsters at Poppies Day Nursery in Holmer Green became fans of the Shotgun musician after singing his hits on repeat.

Following this, the three- and four-year-olds got the idea for their very own music festival Kidchella, named after the famous festival Coachella in California, and invited George Ezra along.

Stacey Montgomery, the nursery manager, said: “The children adore the song Shotgun and it is currently sung breakfast to tea time at the very top of our little ones lungs!

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"It’s our pre-school children’s absolute favourite song, it’s been their favourite song for such a long time.

"It’s the soundtrack of the nursery." 

Once a month, the nursery holds ‘little committees’, where the children can share their thoughts on important upcoming topics and they voted for the festival theme as they wanted music, dancing and face painting, Ms Montgomery said.

She added: “That’s how we came up with the Kidchella theme, and when we voted what they want at the party, one of the little boys wanted George Ezra there, and we just went with it.

“We have been writing letters to him.”

Ahead of the long-waited graduation festival, held on August 5 at 2.30pm at the nursery, the children and staff launched #powerofsocialmedia campaign in attempt to reach the singer. 

Oscar, aged four, said: “I am excited for Kidchella because we are going to sing Shotgun!”

Bucks Free Press: Poppies Day Nursery launched #powerofsocialmedia campaign to reach George Ezra.Poppies Day Nursery launched #powerofsocialmedia campaign to reach George Ezra.

A four-year-old pre-schooler said: “I like signing Green Green Grass and Shotgun.

“I will be sad if George Ezra doesn’t come because he needs to sing Shotgun.”

Hana, also four-years-old, explained what was coming up at the festival: “We are going to have glitter and face paint too.”

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The children first heard George Ezra’s music on the TV show Andy and the Band - another of the group’s favourite.

Ms Montgomery added: “We understand he might not show up on the day, but the children have had such a good time writing the letters and making the video, and they’ve been doing it at home as well, so it’s made it for them anyway.  

“Even if they get a hello on a video, it would make their graduation party!”

Image inset of George Ezra courtesy of: Chris, CC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons