A NEW “high-end' Mediterranean restaurant is set to open in Marlow.

Lavvin will open at 40 West Street replacing a former Mediterranean restaurant Misya which unexpectedly closed last year, shortly after opening.

An unnamed source told the Bucks Free Press this was due to previous tenants “setting off the fire alarms five times in a few weeks and setting fire to the back of the building”.

However, notices on the restaurant read “we are currently closed due to gas and electric problems”.

Lavvin will hope to have its doors remain open for longer than its predecessors as they prepare the site.

A social media post said: “Lavvin is the epitome of luxury and high-end Mediterranean dining.

“Its lush and spacious restaurant space is set to become the staple showcase spot for the people of Marlow to wine and dine in.

“The interiors dark tones, exuberate décor and chic aesthetic encourages diners who visit to glam up, look sharp and expect a culinary evening of excellence.”