Chesham residents have cast their votes on the best and worst buildings in town.

Their thoughts are wanted as part of plans to regenerate the town, known as the Chesham Neighbourhood Plan.

While the initial consultation in the spring attracted more than 1,500 responses, now town leaders want to hear what people think looks good in town, what currently works and why.

To allow the next steps of the Neighbourhood Plan, the Town Council won grant funding worth £200,000 from the government’s Department for Levelling Up, which is used to prepare ‘Neighbourhood Development Orders’ (NDOs).

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They are planning tools allowing the Town Council to control how brownfield land is developed – akin to planning permissions dictating that any organisation who develops land within the CNP area must conform to the permission.

Chesham Town councillor Nick Southworth said: “We have been clear from the start that the Neighbourhood Plan is about taking control of planning in Chesham, and NDO’s will allow us to ensure that new buildings reflect our unique architecture and history.”

Residents can now add their comments through an interactive map, where they have the option to express their dislike and like of any location and comment on pre-set buildings.

This is what Chesham people had to say about the town’s features.  

A green ‘like’ comment about Market Square said: “I love the atmosphere of the square when it’s busy. The bars and restaurants bring the place to life. Being a no car zone make a big difference.”

The M & Co building at 48-52 High Street was described by one comment as “highly inappropriate” and “ugly brutalist building, blighting the high street as you enter, it should be redeveloped or re-faced at the least to make it aesthetically pleasing and sympathetic, truly ghastly piece of architecture that sums up the worst of historic planning policy.”

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Another one said it was “awful” and in need of an upgrade.

Chesham Station was found as “an example of what Chesham should be. It has kept its beauty and charm and hasn’t been “improved” or modernised.”

Near the junction of High Street, The Broadway and Station Road, 89 High Street “should have been dealt with years ago, compulsory purchase and build on it or make it into a town garden.”

An orange coloured neutral comment was added on the interactive map where The Elgiva Theatre is.

It said: “I wish there was a way to better connect this to the town. It should be the pride and joy of the town but it does feel a bit disconnected at times. Keep up the good shows though.”

Chesham Youth Centre was described as “somewhat appropriate” model for future development in Chesham. The comment said: “Chesham Youth Centre is a building with so much potential. It needs to be saved and renovation work done to it to help protect a large community space in the town.”

See what others have said and add your comment here until August 7.