‘An individual has taken a knife to the park and has attempted to stab my son and they're not taking it seriously.’

That’s the claim from a High Wycombe mum who has labelled the police’s response to a threat against her 14-year-old son as ‘disgusting.’

Thames Valley Police officers only spoke to her child on Thursday (August 4), four days after a group of youths allegedly tried to attack him at The Rye and Holywell Mead on Sunday, July 31. 

According to the mother, the force dropped their investigation after the youngster was unable to provide names or social media addresses for anyone in the offending group. 

“I think it’s disgusting”, the woman, who we have anonymised, told the Bucks Free Press. 

The alleged incident occured when the 14-year-old boy went to the park with his sister and her friends and their children. 

At the park was another young boy, who spotted the 14-year-old arrive. 

He then proceeded to make a call, which prompted several other youngsters to arrive at the park. 

“One of the boys put what my daughter described as a ruler-sized knife in the hedge. 

“Some of the boys then tried to grab my son who was walking the dog.

“Luckily, my son managed to make his way to my daughter who then put him in the car and drove him out of the area.”

The mother said the group of boys have been targeting her son for ‘a couple of months.’

She said her family spent an hour talking to the police on 101 to report the incident and an officer allegedly said they would be able to visit the family on Monday, August 1. 

This then turned into a phone call on Thursday, August 4, which allegedly resulted in an officer saying no further action would be taken because the 14-year-old boy could not provide details about the offending group. 

Following this, the mother made a formal complaint to Thames Valley Police.

The mother said: “I went through to Thames Valley Police saying ‘I’m not happy’, an individual has taken a knife to the park and has attempted to stab my son and they're not taking it seriously.

“I’m very upset about their ways. They say about all these knife crimes and they’re not actually doing anything. 

“It’s like they just don’t care. He’s 14, he’s scared for his life.”

A police spokesperson said:  “Thames Valley Police received a report of harassment in Micklefield Road, High Wycombe on Sunday, July 31 at around 10pm.

“A thorough investigation was commenced, which included having a meeting over the phone with the victim. 

“All lines of enquiry have now been exhausted, as such the investigation has been filed, pending any new lines of enquiry.

 “Thames Valley Police does not comment on complaints in the public domain, as it would be inappropriate to do so.

“The force has a complaints procedure, which allows member of the public to make a complaint about the force or a member of our workforce. Details of our complaints procedure can be found via our website  https://www.thamesvalley.police.uk/contact-us/give-feedback-or-make-complaint/ “