A DOZEN households have called for action against double yellow lines being painted outside their homes.

Families in Totteridge Road, High Wycombe, have hit out at the move to add double yellow lines to a stretch of the major thoroughfare.

The petition slams the parking restrictions as 'unecessary' and 'unjustified'.

It said: "We the undersigned are residents of Totteridge Road, High Wycombe, and find the double yellow lines outside our home are unnecessary and unjustified and imposed without proper consultation with the residents.

"The double yellow lines have changed the character of the area."

The petition goes on to demand that Bucks Council have the double yellow lines removed 'as soon as possible'.

Adding it would 'restore the character in this stretch of Totteridge Road'.

The petition, now finished, has had 12 people sign so far and as a result will be considered at the High Wycombe Community Board meeting on November 2.