WYCOMBE Islamic Society has criticised Eden's opening celebrations claiming they failed to represent the town's ethnic minorities.

The group, based at the Islamic Centre in Arnison Avenue, has hit out at the shopping centre's Brazilian carnival parade on Thursday morning.

Volunteer Zahid Jawed, speaking on behalf of the society, said: "I had the wonderful opportunity to witness the opening of the Eden shopping centre last Thursday.

"This has been much needed and will no doubt attract people and jobs to the area. It could also have been a great opportunity to celebrate the town and its people.

"Instead we had the pleasure of watching such things as semi naked dancers on parade. It was made even worse as I had taken children with me.

"Once again the planners decided to ignore and alienate significant parts of the local population and then will no doubt accuse them of not wishing to integrate.

"I would have liked to have seen a much more local and multicultural celebration on the day.

"Another opportunity for community cohesion wasted."