AN ANGRY mother has called out a Buckinghamshire bus firm after ‘extremely poor’ service.

Lisa Axford from High Wycombe reached the end of her tether after the Arriva bus 36B her son was meant to travel to Bourne End Academy from Desborough Avenue failed to show up on time again on Friday (September 9), instead arriving an hour late.

As she works from home, every time there are bus problems, she has to improvise another lift – and pay for petrol on top of the bus pass for her Year 11 son.

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The frustrated parent said: “It’s a catalogue of disasters!

“The bus has been extremely poor.

“But it’s even worse, when you pay for the service, and still have to try and get your child to school.”

On Friday, another boy’s mom drove them to Bourne End, sometimes her husband when he’s able to, and occasionally she has to ask grandparents and relatives to help.

Not knowing whether her son was going to get home was the worst, she said.

She said: “I’m sitting here thinking, whether he will get home today.

“It’s the uncertainty.

“I’m pulling my hair out.

“The school has said it’s extremely poor. How have they been able to get away with it?

Apparently, Bourne End Academy told her they were going to get in touch with the head of was going to get in touch with Buckinghamshire Council’s head of school transport.

Repeated bus delays between Bourne End and High Wycombe, sometimes for more than an hour, mean that the kids risked missing out at school.

Now the Bourne Academy headteacher Louise Cowley has spoken out

She said: “I am incredibly concerned by the disruption to the 36 bus route from High Wycombe to Bourne End. 

“Our students’ attendance is key to their success and they have already been impacted enough by lost learning during the pandemic. 

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"We need to ensure that our families are receiving the bus service that many have paid for in advance, and that our students are able to travel to E-ACT Bourne End Academy without delays or cancellations.” 

The unreliable service has put off mother Lisa Axford from buying a full season ticket, and instead she buys four-week passes costing around £35.

A spokesperson at Arriva said: “To confirm, route 36B was hindered by temporary road works at Penn (Hazlemere) last week, affecting journeys on the September 7 and 8 unfortunately.

“However, we can see from our on board systems that buses stated as not turning up on September 9 did run and did pick passengers up along the route, throughout the day.

“There were small delays on some parts of the journeys at times, but the services did run.