A WEEK-LONG exhibition raising awareness of the Islamic religion has been declared a great success by organisers.

The exhibition at the Muslim Education Centre in Totteridge Drive culminated in guest appearances this evening from High Wycombe MP Paul Goodman and representatives from churches and police.

And members of the Education Centre said feedback from visitors had been very positive.

Mohammed Khaliel from the Centre said: "We are opening ourselves out to the community. People have come in and said they found it informative to learn about the religion and how the Muslim community works.

"It's something we need to build on every year. These events happen throughout the country and it's become more important to have one in this area."

Several of tonight's guest speakers and visitors to the Centre said events such as this week's exhibition - part of Islamic Awareness Week - helped bring about a more "cohesive" community.

Paul Goodman MP praised the Centre for educating youngsters to become "not just model Muslims, but model British Citizens as well".

He said: "It would be extremely unfair for the impression to be conveyed the Education Centre is introspective and never opens itself up to the outside world of High Wycombe. I like to think that can be deduced from my own experience."

Trisha Holmes from Perth Road, a Buddhist, said: "It's nice to be invited along. It's an evening to get to know them and puts you in touch with their religion.

"They have opened themselves up to us and we should do the same."

Naveed Hussain from the Centre said: "Residents around the area have been passing by and thinking, 'What's the Centre all about', so we thought the best way to do it is to open the doors.

"People have been so impressed. We've had a constant flow of people who've come in and spent an hour here, so it's gone really well.

"We're trying to build bridges and open doors and work together with others."

The last day of the exhibition is on Friday.