A GIRL'S tenth birthday wish came true this week when a judge suspended a court order to return 29 donkeys and ponies that had been seized from a farm.

Katy Roberts, who turned ten on Wednesday, was "horrified" the animals were ordered to be returned to Spindles Farm in Hyde Heath.

The decision was made by District Judge Sandeep Kainth at Oxford Magistrates Court on April 4 - but on Monday he suspended that ruling pending a High Court appeal by the RSPCA.

Katy said the suspension of the court order was "the one thing I asked for" ahead of her birthday.

She said: "I'm very happy indeed. Now they are going to stay where they are until after the court case."

Speaking about the original court order, she said: "I was horrified."

After the court order to return 11 donkeys and 18 Shetland ponies, Katy had planned to hold a protest outside Spindles Farm to prevent the animals being sent back.

She had received over 450 emails of support for the planned protest from people via her website, which was set up when 32 horses were found dead at the farm in January.

Her father Chris said: "She was devastated like a lot of people at the decision but this is a great birthday treat for her.

"A lot of people have said she's doing a wonderful job. She gets 40 or 50 emails a day and I only get about two. It's been an amazing response."

As a birthday treat, Katy visited some of the rescued animals at the Horse Trust in Speen, where 14 animals are currently receiving treatment.